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Explore Morocco

Explore Morocco

The Jewish Heritage Travel staff has prepared a cultural primer with photography, biography, travel writing, film, and more…

Explore Polish Culture

Explore Poland

Jewish Heritage Travel regularly takes travelers to Poland. Our staff has compiled a few novels, poems, and movies as a head start — to help you explore Polish culture, remember its Jewish history, and get excited about an historical learning adventure.

Jewish Heritage Travel Scholars — Your Companions and Guides


Our brilliant academics, teachers, historians, and more on bringing the “historic and cultural Jewish experience to life”  “A journey of self-discovery,” said the rabbi, though he clearly had more. As Jewish Heritage Travel scholar Chaim Seidler-Feller was naming some of the most influential Jewish writers of the 19th century, we asked him to sum up […]

The Gaon of Vilna

Vilna Synagogue

Since the venerable sage, born in 1720, is about to celebrate his 303rd birthday this April, here are just a few tales about one of European Judaism’s most influential figures.

Who gets the credit?

The survival of 50,000 Bulgarian Jews is something most of us have heard about, but who deserves the credit?

Whose is this song?

Whose Song Is This

A haunting melody, Usküdara, Fel shara or Terk in America, is known everywhere. But where does it from?

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