Travel with a focus on content differentiates our trips from other travel programs.

Each of our scholars are outstanding experts in their fields and play an active role in helping us design our journeys as well as accompanying us as we travel.
Trakai Castle | jhtravel.orgThrough lively presentations, informal discussions, and accessibility all along the way, our scholars share their expertise and perspective on the Jewish history, culture, and traditions of the countries we travel to. Carefully chosen for their proficiency and ability to impart their knowledge in a way participants can easily assimilate and grasp, they help us experience the richness — and complexity — of Jewish heritage in the places we visit.

Jo Ator

years- arriving in Frankfurt as a member of the U.S. Army Reserve. In 2008, she and her husband David began a walking tour company called Frankfurt on Foot, offering daily tours of Frankfurt as well as a wide variety of private tours. One of Jo’s area of expertise is Jewish based tours which include Jewish Heritage in Frankfurt as well as the so-called SHUM cities of Speyer, Worms and Mainz. A Hebrew acronym for these three cities of Central Germany, often referred to in Medieval times as Jerusalem on the Rhine, the SHUM cities were important centers of Jewish learning, religion dating back to medieval times.

Over the years, Jo’s experience has included coordinating the itinerary for a delegation of teachers visiting Germany through the Holocaust and Jewish Resistance Teachers Program, and assisted the city of Frankfurt with their program, Return of Survivors/Families to Frankfurt, and was scheduled to do the same in 2020 and 2021- both of which were canceled due to Covid. As owners and guides, they research all the itineraries of the tours that they lead and pride themselves in presenting accurate information in an entertaining style.

Travel with Jo Ator to Alsace & the Rhineland.

Joseph Benatov, Ph.D.

Joseph Benatov holds a Ph.D. in comparative literature from the University of Pennsylvania where he teaches Hebrew at all levels. He is originally from Bulgaria and a member of Sofia’s Jewish community. Dr. Benatov is the English translator of the contemporary Bulgarian novel Zift. He has also translated Israeli poetry, prose, and drama. His translations of plays by Hanoch Levin, Martin McDonagh, and Ethan Coen were all staged to wide acclaim in Bulgaria. Dr.Benatov has over 10 years of experience leading travelers across Bulgaria, including UNESCO representatives, 92nd Street Y visitors, JDC board members, and Anti-Defamation League officials. Dr.Benatov lectures regularly on the history of Jewish life in Bulgaria and has published on the fate of Bulgaria’s Jews during the Holocaust. His article on the topic appears in the anthology Bringing the Dark Past to Light: The Reception of the Holocaust in post-communist Europe (University of Nebraska Press).

Travel with Joseph Benatov, Ph.D. to BULGARIA, MACEDONIA & NORTHERN GREECE.

Yoram Bilu

Yoram Bilu is a professor emeritus of anthropology and psychology at the Hebrew University. His research interests include the anthropology of religion (focusing on saint worship, messianism, and religious healing), culture and mental health, the sanctification of space in Israel, and Moroccan Jewish culture.

Professor Bilu served as the chair of the department of psychology and the head of the Authority for Doctoral Students, both at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and as the president of the Israeli Anthropological Association. He has been a visiting professor at several American Universities. In 2013, he received the Israel Prize (most prestigious award in Israel) in sociology and anthropology. In 2015 he was elected to the Israeli Academy of the Sciences. His publications include many articles in important journals and two books published in English: Without Bounds: The Life and Death of Rabbi Ya’aqov Wazana, Detroit: Wayne State University Press and The Saints’ Impresarios: Dreamers, Healers, and Holy Men in Israel’s Urban Periphery.

Conor Ellard

Conor Ellard has guided several prior Jewish Museum trips to Ireland. Steeped in the land’s history, politics and people, Conor has worked with Dr. Maidenbaum for many years, guiding and helping organize many programs to Ireland. Conor is a delight to travel with and, if asked, might agree to sing a ballad or two with his beautiful baritone voice.

Iddo Katz

Iddo Katz is an archeologist and tour guide licensed by Israel’s Ministry of Tourism. Iddo is a 7th-generation born Israeli who graduated from Bar-Ilan University with degrees in Land of Israel Studies, geography and biology. A former lecturer at the Schools of Tour Guides at Bar Ilan University, Iddo has also lectured widely throughout the United States and Israel and was the area manager on archaeological excavation sites, including a well-known site at Shiloh. Iddo also leads trips, and is accompanying scholar to other countries, including Spain, Portugal and Morocco among others.

Eugenia Koukoura

Eugenia Koukoura, tourist guide and former lecturer in Thessaloniki, is fluent in eight languages- among them English, Turkish, Bulgarian, Spanish, Italian and French.
Eugenia is a writer and a historical show producer, including documentaries and more than 350 films that she has scripted and produced. The themes of many of her films focus on byzantine art, mythology, and history Greek history- from ancient to contemporary times.

She has written eleven books about Alexander the Great and her film “Alexander the Great and women,” was chosen by UNESCO to be shown at the festival for women of the Mediterranean and the Black Sea.

Travel with Eugenia Koukoura to BULGARIA, MACEDONIA & NORTHERN GREECE.

Hella Kounio-Matalon

Hella Kounio-Matalon was born in Thessaloniki. Both her parents are Holocaust survivors – her mother being a “hidden child” during the Nazi occupation in Greece, and her father a concentration camps survivor, who was in in Auschwitz and two other camps in Austria, for over two years from the age of 14.

Hella’s interest in local Jewish history has always been a passion. Because she is a child of Holocaust survivors, it led her to study the Holocaust and especially the Holocaust in Thessaloniki, where prior to the Holocaust Jews over half the population of the city (known in Jewish history as Salonika) but lost more than 96% of its Jewish population to the Holocaust. For the past five years, she has been leading tours of the Jewish sites of Thessaloniki, welcomed hundreds of visitors from all over the world and educating them about the rich cultural history of the Jews in Thessaloniki throughout the centuries. Additionally, Hella is an active member of the local Jewish Community and where she is an active participant on its various projects and committees.

Travel with Hella Kounio-Matalon to BULGARIA, MACEDONIA & NORTHERN GREECE.

Amichai Lau-Lavie

Rabbi Amichai Lau-Lavie is the founding spiritual leader of Lab/Shul NYC and the creator of Storahtelling, Inc. An Israeli-born Jewish educator, writer, he received his rabbinical ordination from the Jewish Theological Seminary of America.

Rabbi Amichai is a member of the Global Justice Fellowship of the American Jewish World Service, a founding member of the Jewish Emergent Network, a consultant to the Reboot Network, a member of the URJ Faculty Team and the Advisory Council of ORAM, an LGBT focused organization for refugees, asylum and migration. He was a Jerusalem Fellow at the Mandel Leadership Institute in Israel (2008-2009) and serves on the advisory committee of Faith House in Manhattan. Rabbi Amichai has been hailed as “an iconoclastic mystic” by Time Out New York, a “Judaic Pied Piper” by the Denver Westword, a “maverick spiritual leader” by The Times of Israel and “one of the most interesting thinkers in the Jewish world” by the Jewish Week. In 2016 The Forward named him one of the 32 “Most Inspiring Rabbis” in America. Rabbi Amichai hails from 37 generations of Rabbis, many of them in Poland.

Sid Leiman, Ph.D.

Sid Leiman, PhD, is professor emeritus of Jewish history and literature at Brooklyn College, and he teaches at the Bernard Revel Graduate School of Yeshiva University. He has taught at Harvard, Yale, and Oxford, as well as the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Author of Rabbinic Responses to Modernity (2007) and The Canonization of Hebrew Scripture (1991), as well as hundreds of articles and numerous publications, Dr. Leiman has contributed entries to Encyclopaedia Britannica and Encyclopedia Judaica. He frequently leads Jewish historical tours to Central and Eastern Europe.

Travel with Sid Leiman, Ph.D. to Lithuania, Latvia & Estonia.

Dr. Aryeh Maidenbaum

Aryeh Maidenbaum, PhD, with a strong background in history, psychology, and Jewish studies, has over 28 years’ experience in organizing and leading educational programs, including psychology seminars and conferences and travel programs focusing on Jewish culture and history. Director of the New York Center for Jungian Studies, he earned his doctorate from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and is a former faculty member at New York University. Dr. Maidenbaum is a contributing author to Current Theories of Psychoanalysis and editor of and contributor to Lingering Shadows: Jungians, Freudians and Anti-Semitism and Jung and the Shadow of Anti-Semitism. Some of his other publications include Psychological Type, Job Change, and Personal Growth; The Search for Spirit in Jungian Psychology; “The Jungian Dilemma,” a chapter in the recently published book Psychiatry and Anti-Semitism; and “The Golem of Prague: An Archetype,” forthcoming in the journal Psychological Perspectives.

Janice Meyerson

Janice Meyerson (MM, New England Conservatory; BA, Washington University), mezzo-soprano, has sung as soloist with the New York City Opera, New York Philharmonic, Boston Symphony, Deutsche Oper Berlin, Teatro São Carlo in Lisbon, and the Spoleto Festival, among numerous other venues. During the course of our program, we will hear a live recital by Ms. Meyerson, who will perform Ladino and Hebrew examples of Sephardic music.

Raymond P. Scheindlin, Ph.D.

Raymond P. Scheindlin, Ph.D. is Professor Emeritus of Medieval Hebrew Literature at the Jewish Theological Seminary and a former Guggenheim Fellow. Dr. Scheindlin’s main field of research is the encounter of Hebrew and Arabic cultures in Spain, especially as embodied in the poetry of the two traditions. His books on medieval Hebrew poetry — Wine, Women, and Death: Medieval Hebrew Poems on the Good Life, dealing with secular poetry; and The Gazelle: Medieval Hebrew Poems on God, Israel, and the Soul, reflect both the academic and the literary aspects of his career.. He is the author of a widely-used textbook, A Short History of the Jewish People and co-editor of The Literature of Al-Andalus and The Song of the Distant Dove: Judah Halevi’s Pilgrimage. His most recent book is Vulture in a Cage: Poems by Solomon Ibn Gabirol.

Chaim Seidler-Feller

Chaim Seidler-Feller recently celebrated his fortieth year of working with students and faculty as the Executive Director of the Hillel Center for Jewish Life at UCLA. Currently Director Emeritus, Chaim also serves as Director of the Hartman Fellowship for Campus Professionals. An ordained Rabbi, he also completed a master’s degree in Rabbinic Literature. Chaim has been a lecturer in the Departments of Sociology and Near Eastern Languages and Cultures at UCLA and in the Department of Theological Studies at Loyola Marymount University. He is also a faculty member of the Shalom Hartman Institute, North America, and of the Wexner Heritage Foundation and was rabbinic consultant to Barbra Streisand during the making of the film Yentl. The International Hillel Center has granted Chaim the Hillel Professional Recognition Award “for blending the love of Jewish tradition with the modern intellectual approach of the university.”

Travel with Chaim Seidler-Feller to Alsace & the Rhineland.

Marcin Wodziński

Professor Marcin Wodziński is Professor of Jewish history and literature, and head of the Department of Jewish Studies at the University of Wrocław. The scope of his academic interests ranges from the social history of Jews in the 19th century to the history of Jews in Silesia and Jewish material culture, especially the history of Hasidism and Haskalah. His publications include more than 100 articles in Polish, English, Hebrew, French, and Czech, nine books authored and one co-authored, and six volumes co-edited.

His publications include: Hebrew Inscriptions in Silesia from the 13th to 18th Centuries (1996); Bibliography on the History of Silesian Jewry II (2004); Haskalah and Hasidism in the Kingdom of Poland (2005); The Polish Kingdom Authority Against Hasidism (2008); Hasidism and Politics (2013). Wodziński is the editor of the Makor Academic Series / Sources of Austeria Publishing, Bibliotheca Judaica Series at the University of Wrocław Press, editor-in-chief of “Studia Judaica.”

Travel with Marcin Wodziński to The Jews of Poland.

Maciek Zabierowski

Maciek Zabierowski believes history is a collection of human experience to learn from. As Head of Learning at The Auschwitz Jewish Center, a role he has held since 2006, Zabierowski designs and runs engaging workshops on Jewish history in Poland, the Holocaust, and human rights for Polish and European students of all ages and Polish law enforcement officers. Zabierowski received a master’s degree in History in 2006 from the Jagellonian University.  In 2012, Zabierowski was featured as a scholar for Facing History and Ourselves’ Holocaust and Human Behavior International Seminar. He is also a licensed tour guide in Krakow, specializing in Jewish walking tours.

Travel with Maciek Zabierowski to The Jews of Poland.