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Who gets the credit?

Who deserves the credit for the survival of the majority of Bulgarian Jews?  Over time various political interests have championed their favorite heroes. In his book, The Stolen Narrative of the Bulgarian Jews and the Holocaust, documentary filmmaker Jacky Comforty with Michigan writer Martha Aladjem Bloomfield explore the story ​​interviewing historians, political scientists, military analysts and other experts to develop an unvarnished picture of Bulgarian actions during the war. 

Read a full book review in The Detroit Jewish News.

Photo: Jacky Comforty interviewed Ikonom Boris Kharalampiev in Pazardjik in summer 1990 who helped stop the deportations of the Jews of his hometown. Photo courtesy of The Comforty Collection.

“Everyone is entitled to his own faith. No one should violate the intimate, spiritual life of another. That’s how I think now, that’s how I have thought in the past, and if I live any longer, that’s how I’ll think then.”
– Ikomom Boris Kharalampiev

Imperial Cities of
Casablanca, Meknes, Fez, Rabat and Marrakech
October 21– November 1, 2024
Vibrant Tapestry of Jewish Culture in
Buenos Aires & IGUAZU FALLS
December 1–11, 2024

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