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Jewish Jewels of the Baltics

Heritage & Culture Explored

June 2–13, 2024

Join our Jewish Heritage Travel scholars to explore the heritage and culture of these Baltic Jewish gems.

Dubrovnik to Venice


June 13–22, 2024

Prepare for a historical and cultural cruise along the dazzling Croatian coast — a voyage encompassing history, archaeology, architecture, international relations, and much more.

Resistance and Revival

Copenhagen, Odense, Malmö & Stockholm

August 15-25, 2024

On this one-of-a-kind journey, we’ll trace the histories of the Jewish communities of Sweden and Denmark with landmark visits that explore Scandinavian Jewish communities dating back to the 17th century.

From Devastation to Renewal

Jewish Past and Present

August 20–27, 2024

Experience Jewish Heritage Travel's meaningful trip to Berlin — with a unique focus on the city's extraordinary Jewish history and culture. Discover a surprising Jewish revival, once unimaginable, taking place in Germany's capital, which now boasts the fastest-growing Jewish population in Europe.

The Jews of

Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

September 13–24, 2024

Experience Poland's monumental Jewish history — both the triumphs and sorrows of the land once the home of the world's largest and most influential Jewish community.

Imperial Cities of

Casablanca, Meknes, Fez, Rabat and Marrakech

October 21– November 1, 2024

Explore the glories of Morocco while uncovering the rich Jewish culture that thrived within the Muslim world.
Piedmont Region, Northern Italy

Hidden Treasures of Italian Jewry

Milan to Bologna

November 4–15, 2024

The small but vibrant Jewish communities of Northern Italy have always had their own distinct culture, religious rites, and cuisine. Come explore.

Vibrant Tapestry of Jewish Culture in

Buenos Aires & IGUAZU FALLS

December 1–11, 2024

On this unforgettable tour, we will discover the international oasis, storied history, and active Jewish heritage of Buenos Aires plus a visit to the stunning Iguazu Falls.

The Jews Of

A Marriage of Cultures

December 4–10, 2024

Join Jewish Heritage Travel for a rare opportunity to uncover the Jewish history of a tropical island paradise.

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