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“I am still integrating the profound impact of the journey with enormous gratitude to the Jewish Heritage Travel team. [Rabbi Chaim Seidler-Feller’s] scholarly wisdom coupled with his warmth and enthusiasm for teaching and learning while embracing each moment, each person and each place became the light post for the journey … a contagious joyous curiosity … a powerful immersion into Jewish/Polish history with the best teachers and hosts. The synagogues and their accompanying communities were especially welcoming and inspirational. Helping us to understand the complexities of Jewish life in Poland and the importance of supporting the neighboring communities, especially the Ukranians. I was deeply moved by so much of the journey … Auschwitz was life-changing. Hard to put into words what that meant. Even with the time allowed, there was so much more to share, and so much continues to unfold for me. Much gratitude for all you each did to make this such a spectacular journey.”

—JOAN B., Poland, 2023 

“Getting to meet members of local Jewish communities was outstanding.”

—DANIEL, Alsace and the Rhineland, 2022

“The energy of the group learning and discovering. The education was great.”

—SUSAN M., Portugal, 2023 

“Being present there … it changed my life.”

— MARIA, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia, 2022

“Beyond exceptional … an amazing group leader … the local guides were so good and the scholar talks were so interesting … wonderful interactions and conversations.”

—JOAN, Alsace and the Rhineland, 2022

“We will recommend you to our friends and travel agent. It was one of our best trips ever!”

—DALE, Balkans, 2023

“Loved the high quality and knowledge of the presenters, as well as the strong leadership by the tour manager.”

—BLANCA, Balkans, 2023

“These trips provide an opportunity to share our heritage with our children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. The dedicated staff, accompanying academics, and guides are of the highest caliber and provide an experience that is unmatchable.”


“An extraordinary mix of culture, history, language and customs that is, frankly, unique. Nothing short of exquisite.”


“The Jewish Heritage Travel staff create an outstanding, custom travel experience. The itinerary is meticulously planned, the accompanying scholars and local guides are truly knowledgeable, engaging, and inspiring.”


“Absolutely fabulous. Informative, stimulating, and most enjoyable. The leadership and staff are superb. We look forward to many more travels.”


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