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OCTOBER 2–11, 2023

Jewish Life Television’s Brad Pomerance, award-winning host & producer of JLTV’s global travel series Air, Land & Sea, takes us on a ten-day exploration of Poland, including Krakow, Lublin, Warsaw, and Lodz. “This trip will fundamentally change your connection, your understanding to events that have so dramatically impacted World Jewry,” says Pomerance.

Brad Pomerance

“It’s a privilege to go to Poland with Jewish Heritage Travel! We’ll explore a thousand years of Jewish history in Polish lands, visiting the places where so many of our ancestors lived.”

Why Jewish Heritage Travel?

“As a journalist and travel host, I trust Jewish Heritage Travel and their twenty years of experience to shine a light on all parts of our past. They bring history back to life.

A Learning Vacation

“No one else demands this level of scholarship with all their tours. Only Jewish Heritage Travel has these types of renowned experts and top academics guiding and educating and illuminating along the way. It is a true masterclass.”

Travel in Comfort

“With our evenings at all these amazing and beautiful hotels and rides in their deluxe coaches and the fine dining at unbelievable restaurants…it’s also an incredible luxury vacation!”

Can I tell you more?

“Click here to find out about Jewish Heritage Travel’s partnerships with world-renowned Jewish institutions, including the Museum of Jewish Heritage – A Living Memorial to the Holocaust and Holocaust Museum LA, the first survivor-founded and oldest Holocaust museum in the United States.

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