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    Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

    The Jews of Poland

    June 7—19, 2020

    Join us on what promises to be a meaningful and fascinating trip, bringing to life important aspects of Poland’s astonishingly rich Jewish history and culture.



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Yoram Bilu is a professor emeritus of anthropology and psychology at the Hebrew University. His research interests include the anthropology of religion (focusing on saint worship, messianism, and religious healing), culture and mental health, the sanctification of space in Israel, and Moroccan Jewish culture.


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The itinerary is meticulously planned, the accompanying scholars and local guides are truly knowledgeable…”

—Ruthe and Ron G.

The history and heritage of the Jews of Cuba is rich, many layered and influenced by an amalgam of Jews primarily from Turkey, Eastern Europe and those who fled Europe prior to the Holocaust. Powerfully impacted by the emigration of over 90% of its Jewish population following the 1959 Revolution, Cuban Jewry has nevertheless managed to survive as a unique and creative community.


The Jewish history of Alsace and the Rhineland is both tragic and triumphant. The area was the focus of the massacres of the First Crusade in 1096 as well as the center of a flourishing culture. Here Jews were oppressed and persecuted throughout the ce …


Before World War II, Poland’s 3 million Jews represented one of the largest and most influential Jewish communities in the world. The diverse community included Hasidim, secular Jewish intellectuals, Yiddish writers, Zionists, and socialists. Recently, …


Lithuanian Jews, also called Litvaks, were among the most influential scholars, energetic businessmen, and skilled professionals in Europe prior to World War II. In Lithuania, Jewish secular and religious institutions flourished. With more than 100 syn …


Join us in Berlin for a study tour with the Museum of Jewish Heritage — explore the city’s Jewish past and present, art, architecture, and culture.


Join us on a unique and exotic trip – from Barcelona- one of Europe’s most vibrant and aesthetic cities- to picturesque Provence and delightful Avignon. Along the way, enjoy spectacular scenery, hear presentations by Professor Ray Scheindlin, and learn about the important Jewish history and culture of Catalonia and Provence.


Jewish presence in Argentina dates back to the early sixteenth century when Jews from Spain and Portugal fled the Inquisition and settled in what is now Argentina. While practicing their Judiaism in secret they became assimilated into Argentine society …


India is known for many things. What is typically not known is India’s long history as one of the most hospitable homes in the Jewish diaspora. For centuries, Jews found a haven in which their traditions flourished. Join us and visit the historic synag …