• Birthplace of Ashkenazi Jewry

    Alsace & the Rhineland

    April 23—May 4, 2021

    The Jewish history of Alsace and the Rhineland is both tragic and triumphant. We invite you to join us on this fascinating and informative exploration of the birthplace of Ashkenazi Jewry!



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Sid Leiman, Ph.D. is one of the many scholars who bring a deep and broad dimension to our trips. Join Sid as he shares his extensive knowledge of Jewish life on our trip to https://jhtravel.org/trip/yesterday-today-tomorrow-jews-of-poland-2020/Poland/mylink] in June 2020.


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All elements of Dr. Maidenbaum’s programs coalesce to provide interesting and enjoyable experiences for all.”

—Mary Alice D.

The Jewish history of Alsace and the Rhineland is both tragic and triumphant. The area was the focus of the massacres of the First Crusade in 1096 as well as the center of a flourishing culture. Here Jews were oppressed and persecuted throughout the ce …


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Before World War II, Poland’s 3 million Jews represented one of the largest and most influential Jewish communities in the world. The diverse community included Hasidim, secular Jewish intellectuals, Yiddish writers, Zionists, and socialists. Recently, …