• The Israel Less Traveled + Ancient Petra & Jerash

    Israel and Jordan

    December 4-15, 2018

    Join us on this extraordinary program—one that will be meaningful and exciting for return travelers as well as those who are visiting Israel for the first time. Tour ancient Petra — carved out of solid rock, surrounded by soaring temples and elaborate Royal Tombs, lost to the world until just over 125 years ago.



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Yoram Bilu is a professor emeritus of anthropology and psychology at the Hebrew University. His research interests include the anthropology of religion (focusing on saint worship, messianism, and religious healing), culture and mental health, the sanctification of space in Israel, and Moroccan Jewish culture.


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We can genuinely say that Aryeh’s trips are nothing short of exquisite.

—Fredric P.

Led by Aryeh Maidenbaum, our trip will begin in Jerusalem—where ancient history mingles with modern-day life and stirs our emotions like no other place on earth. From Jerusalem, we will head south to Mitzpe Ramon—Israel’s Grand Canyon, a spectacular si …


The history and heritage of the Jews of Cuba is rich, many layered and influenced by an amalgam of Jews primarily from Turkey, Eastern Europe and those who fled Europe prior to the Holocaust. Powerfully impacted by the emigration of over 90% of its Jewish population following the 1959 Revolution, Cuban Jewry has nevertheless managed to survive as a unique and creative community.


This trip is full. We have added a second trip April 29–May 10, 2019.


Morocco — exotic, mysterious, sensuous, and dramatic—a land of extremes, from high mountain peaks to deserts, lush valleys, and Kasbahs. Morocco, homeland to a unique Jewish culture that was formed during the age of Islamic ascendancy and later flouris …


Our travels will take us from Trieste to Zagreb, Split, and Dubrovnik, with the spectacular Dalmation Coast providing unparalleled views along the way.


From the Golden Age of Spanish and Portuguese Jewry to the present, the Sephardic community has played a vital role in contributing to Jewish and Western culture. Forming an integral part of medieval Iberia, the Jews of Portugal experienced periods of …