• A Marriage of Different Cultures:
    The Jews of Havana, Cienfuegos & Santa Clara


    February 7—14 (filled); February 14—21, 2017 (space limited)

    Join Dr. Aryeh Maidenbaum on a unique program. Meet with local scholars and leaders of the Jewish community and experience the music, spirit, and culture of Cuba.



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Joseph Benatov, Ph.D., scholar, professor, and translator, lectures regularly on the history of Jewish life in Bulgaria and has published on the fate of Bulgaria’s Jews during the Holocaust. Join Professor Benatov, as he brings depth and dimension to our trip From Sofia to Salonika: Jewish Gems of the Balkans.


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All elements of Dr. Maidenbaum’s programs coalesce to provide interesting and enjoyable experiences for all.”

—Mary Alice D.

Great Neck, New York

For centuries, Sicily was the center of civilized life. Today, it still possesses impressive remains from Greek and Roman antiquity in the form of Greek theaters and Roman temples. Accompany Professor Raymond Scheindlin and trip leader Aryeh Maidenbaum to learn about the important part played by Jews in Naples and Sicily. Experience spectacular scenery, delicious foods, and friendly, curious people while staying at the best hotels and learning about the tantalizing traces of Jewish life of the “Two Sicilies.”


The history and heritage of the Jews of Cuba is rich, many layered and influenced by an amalgam of Jews primarily from Turkey, Eastern Europe and those who fled Europe prior to the Holocaust. Powerfully impacted by the emigration of over 90% of its Jewish population following the 1959 Revolution, Cuban Jewry has nevertheless managed to survive as a unique and creative community.


Jews have lived in the Balkans since Roman times—with the largest numbers being Sephardic Jews, who arrived from Spain following the expulsion in 1492. Visit fascinating sites of interest, learn about the rich Jewish heritage of these three jewels of the Balkans, and meet leaders of the local Jewish communities. Led by Aryeh Maidenbaum and accompanying scholar Joseph Benatov, whose research has focused on the history of Jewish life in Bulgaria, Macedonia, and Salonika, we will enjoy deluxe accommodations throughout the trip.